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Elk Grove Hearing Care offers people with severe to profound hearing loss hope for better hearing throughout Sacramento and Elk Grove.  

Cochlear implants (CI) are a proven solution for people deafened by a variety of causes when hearing aids and other solutions are not an option.  

CI’s enable people to hear despite sensorineural deafness (related to the inner ear), also known as “nerve deafness.”

Hearing is possible for you.  Cochlear implants could help you hear again—or for the first time.  Our adult CI clients enjoy talking with friends, family and colleagues.  And children with CIs enjoy engaging in school and life.

You might be wondering…  

  • How do they work?  
  • How effective are they in restoring hearing?
  • What are the pros and cons of them?  
  • What are the criteria for getting them?  
  • Are there both unilateral and bilateral cochlear implants?

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What is a CI and How Does it Work?  

Healthy functioning ears receive sound, which causes tiny hairs in the cochlea to move.  That movement causes the cochlear nerve to send signals to the brain.  The brain translates those signals into the experience of sound.  

A cochlear implant is a bionic ear that works parallel to, but separate from, the ear’s hearing process.  

A CI is typically composed of five pieces.  They are all either discreet external pieces or implanted near, or in, the ear:


  1. At least one external microphone receives sounds
  2. A speech processor filters speech from other noises
  3. A transmitter relays speech signals to the implanted device


  1. A receiver/stimulator converts speech signals to electrical impulses
  2. An electrode array implanted in the cochlea relays electrical impulses to the brain

CIs are unlike hearing aids and bone anchored hearing devices in that those amplify sounds.  A CI converts sounds into electrical impulses, which your brain then interprets.

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Are These Right For Me?

CI surgery is for people with severe or total hearing loss.

A friendly Elk Grove Hearing Care audiologist can help determine your CI candidacy.  

General requirements include (for cochlear implants for children and adults)

  • Motivation to learn how to use the device
  • Reasonable expectations
  • Partial or total deafness in both ears
  • CT or MRI scan of your ears
  • Full examination by an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor

If you are a cochlear implant candidate, your audiologist will first implant your device.  Then, together, you will adjust it over several sessions with “cochlear implant mapping” to give you the best personalized results.  

This CI activation ensures each electrode delivers the right amount of stimulation to your auditory nerve.

As a CI education center and medical provider we have access to the best CI companies, manufacturers, systems, parts and accessories (like Cochlear Nucleus, GBMC and Advanced Bionics US).

Your audiologist can also provide you with helpful CI resources, like cochlear implant surgery videos (of how it works and of people hearing for the first time), cochlear implants history and pictures, and our CI simulation software.


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A cochlear device could help you hear again—or for the first time.

We offer expert care in adult and pediatric audiology.  And we will work with you to fit the CI mapping cost to your budget by discussing cochlear implant insurance and other payment options.

Sensorineural hearing loss, and other forms of unilateral or bilateral hearing loss, can be treated.  

And we take precautions to ensure your cochlear implantation surgery yields the best possible results and your surgery recovery is as smooth as possible. Patients need the help of a CI specialist and audiologist throughout the adjustment and programming process to optimize the functionality of a CI device. We strongly believe in pairing expert programming with outstanding patient counseling to help you or your loved one get the most out of cochlear implants. Don’t hesitate to contact us today so we can answer any questions you might have.

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